Coronavirus At-Home Activities for Children with Autism

These past two months have been difficult for everyone. However, for children who are on the autism spectrum, things can be even more difficult. Transitioning from being used to instruction in the brick-and-mortar classroom to virtual school at home can be difficult for any child. However, for children with autism, any transition can be very alarming. Routines are very important for individuals with autism. Without routines, many individuals with autism (including myself) can really get frustrated and go stir crazy. Here are some great apps and ideas you can do with your child at home.

Otsimo: Otsimo is an app designed for children with autism with a lot of applied behavioral analysis (ABA) features. It includes a lot of personalized learning for your child.

Social Stories for Children with Autism: Autism Parenting Magazine always has great ideas of activities to do with children who are on the autism spectrum (especially this link for social stories).

Best Buddies: Best Buddies normally provides one-on-one face-to-face friendships between individuals with and without intellectual and developmental disAbilities (IDD). However, with the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic going on, Best Buddies is shifting virtual for now. They have a lot of virtual activities and events going on that could benefit as a social outlet for many individuals on the autism spectrum.

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