Dear Parents, Your Child Has Autism

When many parents first find out that their child has autism, often times it can be a rocky start. You may think in your head “Will my child be able to make friends” or “Will my child be able to get a job and live on his/her own, drive, graduate from high school and college, etc..” My mom was one of those parents and I proved her that the answer to all of this is yes. The sky is the limit and anything is possible. Individuals with autism can get married, have children and live happy lives. An important thing to do as a parent, as my mom did for me, is to advocate for your child. Advocating comes in different forms and can fit into anyone’s schedule. Try to seek out services from your local public school district as there are many public schools that have a lot of services to help children with autism be successful in their schooling. There are private school services as well for children with autism if that is your preference choice. Look into organizations, such as Best Buddies, Special Olympics and parent support groups. Be informed on disability laws and autism laws in the government. You can be an advocate in multiple ways, but there is only one requirement you have to put in, and that is you need to believe in your child. Because only the sky is the limit!!

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