Female with Autism

When most people meet me, they often are shocked when they find out that I have autism. Many people often do not meet a high functioning female with autism, as autism is disproportionally see in males. So, someone may ask “What does autism look like in a girl versus in a boy?,” and I would tell them that “It looks different in each person and there is no specific mold. Society has really come along way when it comes to acceptance for individuals autism in society, but there is still ways to go when it comes to perspectives. I still have observed and met some people whose visualization of an individual with autism is a person who is anti-social and lacks emotion and/or empathy. I can tell you that is false and is a misconception. It depends on the individual with autism, because as I have said, every individual with autism is different. I, for example, am very empathetic and outgoing. I am a very social person while another individual with autism may not be.

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